Heather Jenson

Aerobics Fitness Instructor

My name is Heather Jensen and I’m what you would call a fitness fanatic. As a trainer since 1996 I’ve been blessed to do what I love by helping thousands of people transform their lives. Creating workout routines that are taught in groups or tailored to each individual, I’m able to be creative, making fitness fun and exciting. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious gyms in south Florida which has given me the experience and knowledge to opening my own gym in 2015, H2 Health and Fitness. As a gym owner I have a deeper understanding and respect for this craft in health and fitness. I am thankful to be living my passion and purpose in life by motivating and inspiring others. I want my clients to see beyond limitations they set for themselves, giving them a glimpse of power and control they have over their own lives. 


Heather Jensen 

Owner H2 Health & Fitness

Co-Founder 1044PRO 

Certified Trainer

AFFA/NASM #958646


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